Water Softener Services in Randolph

Are you tired of scrubbing hard water deposits off tile and dishes? R. Poust, Inc. provides water softener service and installation to Randolph homes and businesses. The right water treatment system can give you cleaner laundry and dishes, healthier skin and hair, and more.

What Causes Hard Water?
Water absorbs some of everything it comes in contact with. When water falls as precipitation, it passes through soil and rock, then flows into groundwater, lakes, and rivers. Along the way it absorbs minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron.

Between the water treatment plant and your home, it sometimes passes through old, corroded pipes and dissolves more minerals there. By the time it reaches you there’s much more coming through your faucet than H2O.

Problems Caused by Hard Water
Hard water deposits minerals in your pipes. Over time it builds up. Your washing machine, dishwasher, and hot water heater will wear out more quickly if they’re exposed to hard water. As little as 1/8 inch of scale increases the cost of heating water by 30%.

Hard water makes it harder to clean. Soap doesn’t lather and the minerals in rinsing water get deposited on the surface you’re trying to clean. Minerals and leftover soap stay on your skin and in your hair. Dishes look cloudy and shower tiles are covered in scaly buildup.

Hard water costs you money. Since cleaning requires more soap, products, and detergent, you have to buy them more frequently. Replacing and repairing appliances is expensive. When pipes get clogged, you may have to pay a plumber to unstop them.

Benefits of Water Softeners

Water softeners remove the minerals in water and eliminate the problems they cause. You’ll have cleaner laundry and dishes, soft skin and hair, sparkling bathroom tile, longer-lasting appliances, and better tasting water. The only problem you’ll have is what to do with all the time you used to spend scrubbing.

The Best Water Softener System in Randolph
Poust, Inc. installs only the very best water treatment systems available. Hague WaterMax Systems are made in the United States with high-quality parts and elite configuration. They offer these benefits:

  • Clean water in up to 80% less time than conventional softeners
  • Never waste regenerant and have no filters to change
  • Remove dirt, sediment, chlorine, odors and organics so all you taste is water
  • Save up to 30 percent on water heating.
  • Provide extended life for appliances that use water

Randolph Water Softener Service

If your current system needs maintenance or repair, R. Poust Inc. has experience with all major manufacturers. Contact us today to improve the water quality at your home or business.