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3 Important Filters in Your Home

3 Important Filters in Your Home

Cleaning appliance filters


replacing a whole house filterOne of the most basic things to understand about filters in the range hood, furnace, and air conditioning units is that if they are dirty they will drive your electric bill higher.  During heating season, clean or replace the furnace filter (depending on the type) every month, says the most referred Sparta heating and air conditioning professional.  Another energy saving filter that should be maintained periodically – keep the range hood over your stove working effectively by washing it regularly – usually once a month.

If your heating system includes a blower and ducts that deliver heat to the various rooms in your house, this forced-air system, as it is known, will have a filter to screen out dirt and debris that collect in the system.  Usually the filter is located on the return-air side of the system.  Refer to your owner’s manual or ask your Sparta heating professional if you can’t locate the filter.

Replacing appliance filters

There is usually a little fitting or clip that holds the filter in place.  You should be able to easily remove it.  You need to replace it with the same-sized filter; these are sold in supermarkets, hardware stores, even drugstores.

“Change a disposable filter ever month during heating season,” ~Sparta heating professional.

Cleaning a range hood filter

Nearly everyone with a cooktop or a range also has some type of fan or hood to exhaust the smoke, grease particles, and steam that are byproducts of cooking.

The most common grease filters are made of wire mesh, says the leading Sparta heating company.  Most can be washed in the dishwasher.  Otherwise, give them a good soaking in warm water and dishwashing liquid.  Carefully scrub them with a nonabrasive (blue) pad, and do this gently, so you don’t crush the mesh.

nonabrasive-blue-pad-scrubberFin-type filters are also dishwasher safe; in fact, this is the best way to clean them.  Stainless steel should not be scrubbed with abrasives of any kind – these will permanently scratch the metal.  If you need to remove greasy film from the filter, use a nonabrasive (blue) plastic pad.

Heating Professional Tip

Some (not many) room air conditioners have disposable filters that cannot be washed.  If you have got one of these, take it to the hardware or appliance store and buy a replacement (or buy a quantity if they are cheaper that way).

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