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4 Maintenance Tips To Transition Your Heating & Air Conditioner For Fall & Winter

4 Maintenance Tips To Transition Your Heating & Air Conditioner For Fall & Winter

Fall is a transition time when it is so important to take advantage of the mild weather and get your home ready for those fierce fall and winter storms with the heavy rains and high winds.

Here are some final summer tips that you can follow to leverage the heating and air conditioning system in your home:

  • Make the most of your ceiling fans. Now that the weather is starting to mellow out a little bit, having the air conditioner on all day and night is not necessary every day. Instead, use the ceiling fans in your home and even some floor fans that seems pointless to use before. This will allow you to raise your thermostat by several degrees, while still keeping the temperature in your home comfortable. If you are right on the edge of still being too hot inside of your home, put a damp rag on your neck while the fans are blowing and that will cool you off enough until the sun is lower in the sky.
  • During the day while you are away from home, make sure to pull the curtains and close the blinds. During the heat of the day, the temperature in your home rises significantly and, if you are away, there is no way of releasing that hot air before you get home. Protect your home from turning into an oven by keeping the blinds closed this time of year, as that will keep the temperature in your home lower. Then when you get home, you can cool it off by running the fans rather than the A/C
  • As always, make sure to keep the air filter in your air conditioner clean and replaced every month. This is essential not only to the proper and efficient running of the system but, also to the respiratory systems of you and your family members. A dirty air filter will push allergens and particles in to the air inside of your home.
  • Schedule maintenance for your heating system. This is the time of year when it is important to plan ahead and make sure that your heating system is going to work to keep you and your family warm and comfortable once the temperature drops.ScheduleServiceButton
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