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4 Winter Tips For Your Home

4 Winter Tips For Your Home

With the vibrant foliage shades lighting up your neighborhood throughout Sparta, Newton and surrounding areas, it’s time to take note of the cool temperatures and turn your attention towards your house. Winter is knocking on our door and now is the best time to get started with the very important task of prepping your home for all the ice and snow.

Clean up:

Clean GuttersClean the gutters. Yes, the first step of preparing your house for the winter season is to start with cleaning all the drains, gutters, pipes and ensure that there are no dry leaves, dirt or rubble blocking the steady flow of water. Clogged water generally leads to damaged exteriors, rust corrosion, etc. So get all the gutters unblocked now that the leaves have begun falling. Speaking of cleaning – don’t leave out the interiors of your house either. Get rid of any hazardous material, old newspapers, broken down electronics and unneeded flammable materials that may have been taking up a lot of space in the house. This way, your residence will be rendered a lot safer.

Heat it:

It is always wise to give your heating systems a once-over and now is as good a time as any. No matter what kind of a heating system you have, get it checked and cleaned by a professional, like R. Poust Heating & Cooling and solve certain problems like noisy belts, less than satisfactory heating, leakages, etc. Ensure that there are no major problems with the system that can lead to unwanted complications right in the middle of winter. Insulate the pipes and check the air vents.

fireplace-replacement-imageIf you have a fireplace at home and even if you use it rarely, check it for damage and hazards. Make sure that birds have not built a nest on top of the unused chimney. Gather firewood and only buy flammable products that have been certified by the local authorities.

Check it:

Check and recheck the electricity connections. The same goes for the gas connections. Gas leakage can potentially lead to huge disastrous results and some very costly repairs. have a professional check all the gas connections and pipes in your house. Before you start using the fireplace; give the chimney a thorough sweep, identifying and repairing the damages, if any, in the process. Check your smoke sensors as well as carbon monoxide detectors and change the batteries. Do not forget the rooftops and the walkways. Everything from roof shingles to walkways, driveways and steps are safety hazards during this time of the year. Find and repair every crook, crack and bend from well ahead. Get all your garden tools cleaned and stored safely; drain out the watering pipes and sprinkler system. 

Stay safe:

Ensure that all the important safety measures are in place. From emergency heaters to smoke detectors and from fire extinguishers to humidifiers and battery lights – everything plays a vital role in keeping you safe and healthy during the coldest months of the year. It is also advised to have a fire exit plan sorted out from beforehand.

Until next time – have a wonderful weekend and we hope you enjoyed the 4 winter tips!

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