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Addressing Invasive Roots on Your Property

Addressing Invasive Roots on Your Property

It is not uncommon for tree roots to infiltrate, damage, and puncture sewer pipes. The trees naturally seek out oxygen from any source they can find — even the smallest crack in a sewer line can be sensed by a savvy tree. The sewer line continually carries water and, therefore, provides necessary nutrients. But roots can cause extreme damage to both the pipes below ground and your home above ground, in the form of sewage backups and the destruction of your home structure and furnishings. 

Notice the Warning Signs

Catching potential root infiltration before it causes backups and extensive, expensive damage is essential, and it’s not all that difficult if you pay attention to how your plumbing operates. A few of the warning signs to be aware of include: 

  • Abnormal draining or gurgling noises. Your plumbing likely makes some noise, but gurgles or any other noises out of the ordinary can be an indication of root infiltration. 
  • Slow draining. Root infiltration in your pipes is essentially a clog. If your drains start draining more slowly than normal, it can be an indication of a problem in your pipes. 
  • Decreased water pressure. Since the roots would be blocking a portion of your pipes, you might also notice a decrease in water pressure throughout your home.

If you wait despite these warning signs, you will start getting water back up sooner or later when you use the bathroom or even other appliances such as washing machines or dishwashers. The trick is to not wait until the matter is urgent to call a plumber but to try to get an assessment in the early stages. 

Contact R. Poust, Inc. for Tree Root Clogs and Damage

Once roots infiltrate sewer pipes, they continue to grow and expand until, if left unchecked, they can rupture the pipe and leave you with extensive repairs and a hefty price tag. Contact our specialists today to catch this problem before it becomes a plumbing emergency.

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