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Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips for Spring and Summer

Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips for Spring and Summer

During the warmest months of the year, your air conditioner strives to keep your New Jersey home cool and comfortable. However, constant use means your unit is bound to accumulate dirt, dust, and may become clogged as time goes on. This is not only bad for your unit but it can cause your utility bills to rise as well.

When you fail to care for your air conditioner properly, the system is forced to work harder and utilize more energy to make your home comfortable and cool. Thankfully, making a point to maintain your unit with regular upkeep procedures can help you avoid high utility bills. Use these routine maintenance tips throughout the spring to make sure your system is functioning optimally throughout the seasons.


Call for a Maintenance Examination Before Summer

The spring is the best time to make a point to schedule a professional air conditioning examination before you need to use your air conditioning unit on a regular basis. A professional technician can conduct a comprehensive inspection and determine any signs of leaks or other damages. If there is anything that requires repairs or replacements, you can repair them before the hottest months of the year arrive.


Monitor Your Air Conditioner’s Pipe Insulation

Torn insulation can affect your unit’s ability to cool your home. Look carefully at the insulation on the coolant pipes before the summer and be sure to replace them if they need it so your air conditioner can operate effectively.


Replace Air Conditioner Filters

Checking and replacing your air conditioner’s filters on a routine basis is an essential upkeep tasks for several reasons, including:

  • A dirty filter makes the air conditioner strain to perform and increases your home’s energy use. Replacing your filters when necessary enables you to save approximately 15 percent on your utility bills.
  • If a filter becomes blocked due to accumulated dust or debris, it can cause your system to fail. Replacing your filters helps prolong your unit’s life and avoid serious air conditioning emergencies.
  • Switching out your air filters helps ensure your home’s air is clean, which is particularly imperative for those who have allergies.


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