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Can You Use Your HVAC Unit to Alleviate Allergies

Can You Use Your HVAC Unit to Alleviate Allergies

Allergies are a huge hassle, and they can occur year-round. If you suffer from allergies, you’ve probably searched far and wide for an effective way to manage them. Well, what if we told you that your HVAC system can actually have a positive effect?

Your HVAC System Can Help Remove Allergens

Although not everyone realizes it, your HVAC system is actually useful for removing various allergens from the air. This prevents the small particles from getting in your airways, triggering the allergies in question. But, how does your HVAC system actually accomplish this?

Household Air Is Filtered Through High MERV Filters

To begin, it should be noted that every air conditioning unit has a filter — even window units. This filter helps to remove allergens and lint from the air, prior to it being temperature-treated and released back into your home. The most effective filters are MERV 11 or higher.

Keeping Allergens Out of Your Home’s Ductwork

If you have a strong HVAC system in your home, then the majority of dust in the air should be filtered through your unit’s fresh filtration systems. Ducts create airflow, although they are also designed to avoid collecting buildup. So, an HVAC system can keep the air moving, as well as keeping it filtered.

Helping to Remove Humidity and Mold

If you have any moist areas within your home, they could be at risk of developing mold. Of course, mold is also a common allergen, which many individuals have negative responses to. Thankfully, your HVAC system can help to reduce the humidity in these areas, preventing mold colonies from flourishing.

At R. Poust, Inc., we understand all the inner and outer workings of your HVAC system. We’ll help to keep your system in working order so that it can continue to remove allergens from the air of your home. We can even tackle HVAC emergencies. Interested in our services? Contact us through our site today.

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