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Common Air-Conditioning Problems and How to Solve Them

Common Air-Conditioning Problems and How to Solve Them

Summer is officially here, and many of us are finally enjoying the warmer weather – but it’s also nice to enjoy it from the comfort of our air-conditioned homes. Did you turn on your air conditioner for the first time this season, only to find it wasn’t working as it should? Often, we find air-conditioning problems after months not using them – and just when we need them the most. Here are some of the most common air-conditioning issues we encounter and what to do about them:

Refrigerant Issues

If your air conditioner is low on refrigerant, it might be due to a leak. Unfortunately, adding more refrigerant is a little like putting a Band-Aid over a bullet hole – it won’t work, and it may cause additional problems. Only a trained technician can fix refrigerant leaks in your system. Too little refrigerant due to leaks is not only bad for the environment but impacts the efficiency of your air conditioner. Set up an appointment to tackle any issues with your refrigerant as soon as possible.

Dirty Filters or Air-Conditioning Coils

Your air-conditioning filters require proper cleaning or replacement, otherwise the unit won’t run as efficiently as it should. This also impacts your indoor air quality. If you turn your air conditioning on and your home smells musty or the unit doesn’t seem to be running efficiently, check your filters and conditioning coils. Cleaning and replacing will extend the life of your system and make for smoother operation. Neglecting this maintenance, on the other hand, can lead to premature failure of your fan or compressor.

Drainage Issues

New Jersey is no stranger to humid weather. When humid weather strikes, check the condensate drain to ensure there aren’t any clogs. Clogged condensate drains won’t cool your home efficiently and could end up costing you more money on your utility bill as your unit struggles to keep up with the heat. This also causes more wear and tear on your system and could contribute to premature component failure.

Summer can lead to unforeseen problems with your air conditioner, but we’re here to help! Schedule an appointment with a technician if you notice any issues.

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