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Do I Need Extra Outlets in My Home

Do I Need Extra Outlets in My Home

Whether you have bought or built your home, you probably haven’t thought much about your outlets. However, if you find yourself using a lot of power strips or needing to plug things into weird places in your home, then it may be time to think about having extra outlets installed.

We Use More Power for Current Devices

From stoves and e-readers to smartphones, tablets, and other devices, you probably need a plug for almost everything you use. Three outlets might have been enough for every room at one point, but that’s not the case anymore. You might need more outlets to have enough space for everything you need to plug in.

Why Should I Get More Outlets?

If you use too many power strips or always wish you had an extra outlet, you should consider adding more. With too much inappropriate usage, you may have power surges you don’t want. Additionally, things that use a lot of power, like refrigerators and microwaves, could end up damaging other appliances with their high power usage.

A skilled electrician can make sure additional outlets are installed in places that can handle the extra power draw. They will also ensure your system can handle added outlets in your home.

What About Upgraded Outlets?

While you may need additional outlets, you might also consider upgrading your outlets to GFI or GFCI. These kinds of outlets are good for extra shock protection, and they keep track of all the power usage in the circuits within your home. Upgraded outlets keep your home safer. 

Contact the Specialists

At R. Poust, Inc., we want your home to be safe and comfortable. Installing or updating your outlets will help your home be the safest place you can be — and allow you to plug in your devices and appliances where you’d like. Schedule your appointment today, and we’ll make sure your outlets are reliable and safe.


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