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Outlet & Switch Installation
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Outlet and Switches Installation Services in Sparta, NJ

Power needs are much more demanding than many older homes are equipped to handle. It wasn’t too long ago that you only needed one to three outlets per room. This is no longer the case for the majority of households across the United States. A lack of outlets or switches can result in the improper use of extension cords or power strips, leading to potential electrical hazards. If you’ve desired more convenient options when it comes to outlets or switches, the professionals at R. Poust, Inc can help. We can provide installation services to improve convenience as well as safety when it comes to powering your home.

Why You Should Install Additional Outlets

When there aren’t enough outlets in the home, people tend to rely on power strips or extension cords. While these can be a good option for homeowners lacking in outlets, there are certain risks as well. You must choose power strips that have surge protection. You also have to make sure you aren’t plugging in devices or appliances that have significant power demands. This includes your refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, coffeemaker, and more. Improper use can cause unwanted power surges that can damage your appliances or increase the risk of electrical shocks which can hurt you.

Having additional outlets professionally installed can drastically reduce your dependence on power strips or extension cords. Our technicians can ensure your system can handle the increase in outlets. We can also install the outlets at ideal locations for ultimate convenience. Additional outlets make it easy to have a place for your different appliances and devices.

You may also want to consider installing outlets that are GFCI or GFI outlets. These outlets provide superior anti-shock protection. These outlets monitor the input and output of the circuits in the home. If there are any inconsistencies, these circuits are shut off until they are reset to ensure proper function and safety. These outlets can be installed anywhere throughout the home, but are most commonly found in areas that are more susceptible to moisture. This can include bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and basements. The technicians at R. Poust, Inc will ensure your outlets are properly installed and work well with your existing system.

The Benefits of Additional Switches

Most rooms only have one power switch that controls the lighting fixtures in a specific space. This can be inconvenient when it requires unnecessary space to be crossed for the ability to access the power source. This can also be a safety hazard in a dark space, especially if you have children or pets that can leave items on the floor that wouldn’t normally be in your path. We can navigate the electrical lines and circuits throughout your home to determine the best placement to install an additional switch. This increases the safety and convenience of any space.

Installing new switches can also provide an increase in safety. Modern switches tend to have more safety features when compared to older, basic switches. These features include anti-surge protection and temperature control to avoid overheating. Newer switches are also designed to be more durable and long-lasting. This can not only improve the look of your home, but it also ensures that you get the most out of your additional switch investment.

Installation of Outlets and Switches in Sparta, NJ

You depend on your outlets and switches for everyday use. Installing new switches or outlets can increase the safety, appearance, and convenience of different spaces throughout the house. Installing new outlets decreases your reliance on power strips and extension cords that can pose their own risks to yourself and your property. Installing new switches improves convenience for every room of the home, minimizing the risk of having to cross spaces with inadequate lighting. R. Poust, Inc can help access where new outlets and switches could be installed, ensuring convenient placement that is safe and dependable.

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