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Power Restore Services
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Power Restoration Services in Sparta, NJ

Severe storms, fallen trees, and equipment failure can all cause serious damage to power equipment which can disrupt the electrical access your home needs for safety and comfort. These potential sources of damage can result in power outages that can spread across significant areas. Regardless of whether your power outage is an isolated event or part of a larger issue, R. Poust, Inc can provide the restoration services you need to restore power as quickly as possible.

What Should I do During a Power Outage?

Preparation is key when handling a power outage in your area or home. You can start by determining if the power outage is only within your home, if it is also affecting your neighbors and nearby businesses, or if the streetlights are out. This helps you to determine what your best plan of action may be. If the outage is on a larger scale, you may have to delay power restoration due to a larger issue such as a transformer malfunction or a downed powerline.

If you are experiencing a power outage, go through your home and unplug different devices and appliances. This helps to prevent any power surges once the power is restored. If you have devices that shouldn’t be unplugged due to sensitivity, you should invest in surge protectors before a power outage. You’ll want to keep one light plugged in so you’ll be able to tell when the power is restored. You’ll want to keep your refrigerator and any coolers closed as much as possible, so your food has the best chance of staying cold.

While the power is out, use battery-powered lights such as flashlights for guidance in the dark. If you have to, candles will work as well, but be mindful of the potential fire risk they can pose if left unattended or burning too long. If it is cold, you should dress in layers to stay as warm as possible.

You should call R. Poust, Inc as soon as possible in the event of a power outage. We can assess the cause of your power outage and get to work to restore your power as fast as possible. We understand how stressful this situation can be and will do our best to keep you informed when it comes to power restoration.

Following a Power Outage

The professionals at R. Poust, Inc will thoroughly investigate the reason behind your power outage. If it was due to a storm, we will look for dangerous debris and downed power lines to ensure you and your home are as safe as possible. We will check for flooded areas that could pose a hazard to your electrical systems, especially in your basement or lower levels of your home. We will safely restore power to all your appliances and devices, ensuring that you aren’t at risk of an electrical surge.

If your power outage was a result of your own electrical system, we will complete a detailed assessment of your system. This will help us determine what went wrong and what we can do to prevent this from happening again in the future. We can provide any necessary repairs or replacements your electrical system needs to remain reliable and long-lasting.

You Can Rely on R. Poust, Inc

If you experience a power outage in the Sparta, NJ area, we can help. We understand the severity of the repercussions a power outage can have. Our top priority is your safety. We can determine the cause of your power outage, which helps us to restore power as quickly as possible. Once power is restored, we will carefully inspect your system to ensure everything is still functioning appropriately.

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