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Outlet & Switch Relocating
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Relocating Outlets and Switches Services in Sparta, NJ

There is always something that can be improved within the household. One common complaint that we hear at R. Poust, Inc, is the placement of outlets and switches. If the home is older, there was likely a lesser need for ease of access to outlets. Outlets were not as heavily utilized as they are today for various appliances and devices. It is also unlikely to have more than 1-2 switches per room depending on the electrical needs of that space. If you are ready for greater ease of access and convenience for your home, we can help. Our relocation services can help you completely reimagine your space.

Do I Need My Outlets Relocated?

Outlet relocation is often done to increase ease of use for the homeowner. If you find yourself often relying on extension cords due to the inability to reach your outlets, you may benefit from relocating your outlets. This is also a great option if rearranging a space to accommodate your power needs simply doesn’t make sense. Relocating your outlets allows you to decide where to place them for better access and allows you to upgrade the outlet as well.

Relocating Your Switches

Original switches aren’t always put in the most convenient location. If you have to cross a dark room to access your switches, you may decide that relocating or adding an additional switch will make more sense for your space. This ensures easy access to your switch, as well as minimizes any risk associated with crossing a dark space. This is also a great opportunity to upgrade your switches to something more modern.

Why You Should Trust a Sparta, NJ Electrician

Due to the risk of electrical shock or improper installation, it is always beneficial to trust a licensed professional when it comes to your electrical work. Relocating a switch or outlet may seem straightforward, especially with tutorials available online, but this is a complex project that should be handled by a professional. It is best to rely on a qualified electrician for reasons including:

  • Safety: DIY electrical projects can be seriously dangerous. This is because most homeowners don’t know the necessary safety checks that should be performed whenever electrical work is installed, repaired, or replaced. Trusting a qualified professional ensures your safety, as well as ensures that your outlet and wiring are installed correctly to prevent any shock or fire risks.
  • Code enforcement: Any electrical work done within your home must be up to code. Improper wiring that doesn’t meet code standards could end up costing you more in the future. A professional will have a comprehensive understanding of your local codes.
  • Knows your electrical system: Professional technicians have a wide range of experience when it comes to different electrical systems. This ensures that your electrician will have extensive knowledge of your circuits. When relocating your outlets or switches, your electrician can also ensure your circuit, circuit breakers, and wiring are all working as they should.
  • Understand your breaker: Breaker systems are not universal. Some homes simply require more power than others. Your electrician will know what your system is equipped to handle, especially if you want to add more switches or outlets. Knowledge of your breaker helps to prevent electrical overload which could cause lights to flicker, appliances to underperform, or flip circuits.

Whenever you are considering electrical upgrades for your home, it is best to turn to a professional. This provides peace of mind that the job is done correctly, meets code standards, and is safe.

Contact R. Poust, Inc

The experienced technicians at R. Poust, Inc, can help relocate any outlets or switches within your Sparta, NJ home. They will carefully assess your electrical system, ensuring the perfect placement for your convenience and access to the electrical wiring. You’ll love the new ease of use you can have when it comes to outlets and switches.

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