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Have You Gotten Your Furnace Serviced This Year

Have You Gotten Your Furnace Serviced This Year

It’s one of those tasks that we often put on the back burner, but you should always stay on top of maintenance and furnace service. This system is one of the most important in your house, as it keeps you and your family warm and safe throughout the cold winter months. When you ignore your yearly furnace tune-up, you are putting your heating system at risk of failing when you need it most. Not only does this leave you out in the cold, but it could mean a much more expensive repair than it would have been if you had caught it earlier. Consider these benefits of keeping up with your yearly furnace maintenance.

  • Ensure that your warranty is valid. In addition to ensuring your warmth when it is cold outside, it is vital to keep up with scheduled maintenance so that you can be sure your furnace’s manufacturer’s warranty remains valid. Most furnaces come with a ten-year warranty, but if the unfortunate time arises that you need to use the warranty, the manufacturer will likely ask for your service records to see if you have been taking care of the product.
  • Be safe from dangerous gases. Since furnaces produce heat through fuel combustion, there is always a risk of a gas or carbon monoxide leak. These gases are colorless and odorless, so regular professional check-ups can give you peace of mind that everything is working properly.
  • Save money. When you have your furnace maintained regularly, filters are changed, and measures are taken to make it operate more efficiently. Since your furnace may account for up to 50% of your energy utility bill, you’ll be glad to know that having it serviced may lower your bill by as much as 30%.

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