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Keep Yourself and Your Family Safe From Electricity With These Tips

Keep Yourself and Your Family Safe From Electricity With These Tips

36235050_sIt seems like the holiday season was several months ago, but it just wrapped up a few months ago. During the month of February there is one holiday that most everyone knows about.

This is partly because the stores transformed to red and pink moments after the red and green was over. Celebrating love and togetherness is a common theme for the month of February, and whether you celebrate big by attending a party and going out to dinner, or you do something a bit smaller and stay home for dinner, it is a holiday that isn’t missed by many.

Another holiday that happens in February that you might not know about, is National Electrical Safety Month. And, this is one holiday that we think NO ONE should miss!

Celebrate this one big and do your part to learn and to educate your family about how to be safe in your home when using electricity.

Sadly, thousands of families each year watch their home and all of their possession burn up in flames. For those that are lucky, every member of the family makes it out of the home before the fire ensues. For others, the devastation changes their lives forever.

For a majority of these house fires, something related to the electrical system can be tracked back to as the cause. For this reason, National Electrical Safety month is essential to safety and prevention.

Here are just a few points of education for you and your family with regards to electrical safety:

  • If you have lighting or light fixtures that flicker or that cause the circuit breaker to flip, don’t call the paranormal specialists. The more likely scenario is that you have loose wiring or a faulty fixture. Call an electrician to have these things inspected.
  • An outlet that is warm to the touch is a very serious sign of an over loaded outlet. This will lead to fire eventually and should always be taken seriously and inspected.
  • Never use extension cords as permanent electricity. And, if your extension cord has electrical tape wrapped around it to repair damage, get rid of it and buy a new one.

Make sure that you and your family know all of these tips and more this month to stay safe when using electricity in your home. An electrical fire can start at any time, and knowing the signs is the best chance of getting everyone out safely.

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