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How to Maximize Energy Efficiency This Summer

How to Maximize Energy Efficiency This Summer

Your cooling system is the largest expense on your summertime energy bills in New Jersey. The state of your air conditioning unit, filters, and home insulation can make a difference in the energy usage of your household or business. Luckily, the experts at R. Poust, Inc., can help you control your costs and conserve energy this summer with a few professional tips.

Improve Attic Ventilation

A poorly ventilated attic can trap hot air within your home, giving it no place to escape as it rises. Improve your attic ventilation to release hot air and reduce heat effectively in your attic space. Proper attic ventilation can improve your air conditioner efficiency by as much as 10 percent.

Inspect Your Insulation

Your home’s insulation keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. Effective insulation will block the sun’s rays and heat from entering your home, releasing cooling loads on your AC unit. Insulation that has damage from a roof leak or pests, on the other hand, can make cool air escape through your walls and roof.

Seal Drafty Doors and Windows

Check for drafts in your home or places where cool air is escaping and hot air is coming inside. Replace worn weather stripping in your windows, doors, and skylights. If your windows are cracked or warped to the point they will not shut completely, consider replacing them to boost energy efficiency.

Clean Your AC Unit

A dirty, dusty, and poorly functioning air conditioning unit will efficiently not cool your home. Schedule routine maintenance on your HVAC system, including your ducts and vents, to ensure they work properly this summer. R. Poust, Inc., can clean your unit and oil the components to make sure it’s in optimal working condition.

Make Minor Repairs

Summer is the perfect time to make repairs or replace your unit – before the heat of summer really sets in. Hire R. Poust, Inc., to inspect your system and recommend repairs for existing or potential problems.

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