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Why You Need to Understand Your Whole House Humidifier

Why You Need to Understand Your Whole House Humidifier

When people talk about changing filters in their home to keep their HVAC or furnace running optimally, most mean the air or furnace filter. However, if your home has a whole-house humidifier, the humidifier’s pad plays an even bigger role in keeping your units working efficiently. R. Poust, Inc. in Sparta Township believes informed homeowners make smart decisions, so we put together a humidifier pad primer to help you understand the vital role it plays in your home.


Understanding Your Humidifier Pad

This pad goes by several names – water panel, water pad, evaporator pad, or filter. Whatever you call it, it plays a key role in proper air flow in your home. Water is held in the pad and distributed to air passing through the furnace. When humidity drops in your home, the humidifier sends more water into the pad for the air that continually passes through on its way back to your rooms.


Replacement Is Mandatory

Even if your home has soft water, these pads must eventually be replaced. They develop scale, begin to rust, or have mineral deposits build up on the metal mesh. A pad heavy in mineral deposits can’t hold as much water, meaning the humidity in your home goes down and, in turn, your system needs to work longer and harder to reach your desired settings. A dirty pad also exposes you to health risks.


How to Change the Pad

Here’s the good news. Humidifier pads come in one size and type, unlike most filter systems. Changing the pad is not complicated; however, if you are confused, call a professional to come make the change for you. To do it yourself:

  1. Turn off the system’s power.
  2. Remover the door.
  3. Take out the filter, including plastic frame.
  4. Open the frame and dispose of the filter.
  5. Insert the new filter.
  6. Replace the frame.
  7. Close the door and turn the power back on.


Changing the pad on a regular basis keeps your air cleaner and healthier, reduces the wear and tear on your humidifier and furnace, and saves you money on electricity in the long run. These systems should be inspected annually, as well. To schedule spring maintenance for your whole home humidifier or to have your filter replaced, call R. Poust, Inc., today.

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