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Reasons To Install a Water Treatment System

Reasons To Install a Water Treatment System

Hard Water | Sparta Home Water System

Hard water can be hard on your budget. The minerals that are in hard water can create issues for homeowners. Some of the issues that hard water causes includes:

  • Hard water can be hard on skin and hair, and can clog skin pores along with making hair seem dull and lifeless.
  • Hard water will often use more soap and detergent to get the same amount of clothing clean resulting in waste.
  • Hard water can also make clothing look dingy even after going through the wash along with causing the fibers to be hardened, and may decrease how long you can wear an item.
  • Hard water results in soap scum rings in the bathtub, and can waste extra water when trying to get these rings to go away.
  • Hard water can leave your glassware and dishes spotty and streaked, and may cause you to rewash your items to try to get them to look better.
  • Hard water can leave scale deposits in your pipes and appliances, which can result in repairs, replacements and higher energy usage.

Using a water treatment will solve many of the hard water issues you may be facing in your home.

You may be wondering why we at R. Poust Heating & Cooling have decided to start offering Hague MaxWater softener systems. Hague Quality Water is an American company that still manufactures their product in the United States. It has the distinction of being the oldest major water treatment manufacturer with worldwide distribution. They are so state of the art that they hold 9 U.S. patents and continue to improve upon the quality of their product. Their newest product, the MaxWater softener system is a gem of a product that we feel will benefit many of our clients.

You may be asking yourself why you want to have this particular system over a conventional system, but there are several reasons why this is the water softener system that you should have in your home or business.

  • As a water softener, it will eliminate your hard water problems.
  • It will improve the taste of your tap water as the filter system removes chlorine, dirt, sentiment, and other contaminants down to 5 microns.
  • No filters to change.
  • It is more efficient than other systems on the market.
  • It is a quality product made here in the United States with good materials that will last that is more compact than most other conventional water softeners.
  • It takes less time to work than conventional water softeners along with less water.
  • These systems can be custom configured to fit your particular household’s needs.
  • One of the best warranties on the market.

Contact us today to learn more about installing a Hague MaxWater softener system in your home to improve the water quality of your home’s water. 







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