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Why You Should Schedule Your Spring HVAC Inspection Today

Why You Should Schedule Your Spring HVAC Inspection Today

To help Sparta Township homeowners keep their HVAC running at peak efficiency all year, R. Poust, Inc., recommends all systems be inspected early in spring. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t skip having your system checked this spring and details what is included in an R. Poust, Inc., inspection.


Reasons to Inspect:


1.Improved Efficiency

HVAC systems gather debris as they operate, forcing the machine to work harder to heat or cool your home. During winter and summer, your units undergo peak stresses as they must work longer than they do in the milder spring and fall seasons. Energy Star reports inspections and servicing could prevent your unit from losing as much as 5% efficiency annually.


2.Longer Lifespan

The Department of Energy states that HVAC units should have a lifespan from 15 to 20 years. That lifespan depends on two factors: correct installation and regular maintenance. If a system has been installed incorrectly, an inspection will spot this, allowing you to get it fixed sooner. Proper maintenance keeps the machine clean, easing its workload and prolonging its life. You should change the filter in your home every three months. Sign up here to get filter change reminders from R. Poust, Inc.


3.Reduced Expenses

Efficient HVAC units use less energy because they aren’t struggling to operate. Keeping a unit serviced promotes smooth operation. Additionally, it allows a professional to find potential problems among the many moving parts inside an HVAC. Finding these early and fixing them can save homeowners a lot of money, as repairs could cost from $165 to $500, on average.


4.What a Servicing Includes

When you schedule an HVAC inspection in Sparta Township with R. Poust, Inc., you get a full-service experience that you can rely on. Our servicing appointments include fan motor lubrication, pleated filter replacement (if necessary), test of the drain, pump, and belts, thermostat inspection, system charge exams, blower cleaning, electrical connection service, and duct cleaning. If your machine uses discontinued parts, R. Poust, Inc., will help you find replacement parts and install them for you with our service guarantee.


To schedule your HVAC maintenance for this spring, call R. Poust, Inc., today.

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