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The air conditioning unit in your home has a tremendous impact on two very important parts of your life:

  • Your monthly utility bill – With the cost of energy on the rise, it is important for many homeowners to be thinking about conservation and energy efficiency. In fact, cooling your home during the hot weather can account for one-half of your total energy bill for the month! Running your system less by using a programmable thermostat can help to keep your home at a consistent comfortable temperature without using excessive energy. The team of experts at R. Poust, Inc. are trained to provide clients with advice and tips about how to improve the energy efficiency of your cooling system and save you money on your utility bill.
  • The health of you and your family – Air conditioning helps to reduce the level of moisture and condensation that collects in your home during the hot weather. Reducing moisture eliminates the environment that things like bacteria, dust mites, and mold need in order to grow. These allergens can have a significantly negative effect on the overall health of you and your family.

At R. Poust, Inc. our expert team of air conditioning technicians have more than 40 years of experience providing professional and reliable air conditioning support. Whether you have questions about which air conditioning unit is right for you and your family, or you have need a new unit installed our team of highly-skilled technicians can help.

How Does My Air Conditioner Work?

By now you’ve probably seen and heard the big box in your back or side yard working hard during the warm summer months. But what is actually happening in there? Essentially, your air conditioning unit works the same as your refrigerator. Inside of your air conditioning unit is a gas called refrigerant, sometimes known as Freon. The compressor of the air conditioning system compresses the refrigerant gas, causing the refrigerant to become hot and under pressure. The hot gas moves through the condenser coils and dissipates the heat. The dissipating heat cools the refrigerant gas into a liquid. Once the refrigerant gas is a liquid it is cold and at a low-pressure and a fan propels the cold air through the home.

How Can I Make My Air Conditioner More Efficient?

With energy costs rising there is no better time to improve the energy-efficiency of your air conditioning unit. Some basic tips for helping do this are:

    1. Have the air filters of your air conditioning unit replaced every three months during the hot weather
    2. Call R. Poust, Inc. to have your air conditioner professionally serviced on an annually basis
    3. Have your home’s air ducts regularly cleaned of all debris and blockages
    4. Use ceiling fans to thoroughly circulate cooled air
    5. Use blinds and shades on windows to block the heat and UV rays from the sun

Poust, Inc. had been providing the residents of Denville with professional and expert air conditioning support for more than 45 years. Our team of technicians can answer any questions that you have about your air conditioning options based on your priorities for energy efficiency and budget. We are dedicated to providing each of our clients with exceptional service and care.

We offer free estimates for all new and replacement heating & cooling equipment.