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Emergency HVAC Services in Hamburg

Having a heating or cooling breakdown can quickly reveal itself as an emergency. Whether you have no A/C in the dead heat of summer, or your heater has stopped down during a freezing storm, the situation can feel desperate and you need to be able to contact a repair company you can trust. At home, you might have young children who are especially susceptible to extreme temperatures, or in your workplace a breakdown in the A/C or heating can translate into having to close up shop until the problem is fixed.

Thankfully, the experts at R. Poust have the skill, experience, and training to provide emergency heating and cooling support for both residents and business owners of Hamburg. During our 45+ years in business we have developed a well-earned reputation for honest and reliable service no matter what the heating or cooling emergency is. When you call R. Poust for help with your heating or cooling emergency, you can trust that we will arrive at your home or workplace on time and with the right tools for the job!

Residential Emergency Heating and Cooling Service

The speed with which families nowadays move is exponential. Gone are the days of just going to work and school before coming home for dinner and bed. Now, there are work functions and school projects, sleepovers and sporting events. Families have several commitments each day that they are counted on to fulfill.

Having a malfunction with a heating or cooling system adds an element of stress and chaos that can be overwhelming. Imagine you have out of town guests and your A/C stops working in the middle of the night during the heat of July. Or, you come home late one October night after a big football game and everyone needs to get ready for bed, only to find the house freezing because the heat has gone out. Any of these scenarios are possible and could cause unneeded disruption in the rhythm with which your family must operate.

A few regular causes for your home’s A/C to break down include:

  • Not enough refrigerant – when your A/C unit has too little refrigerant, it will run too hard trying to stay cool and will eventually overheat
  • Dirty condenser coils – the condenser coils are full of refrigerant and run through the outside shell of your A/C. if these coils are covered in dirt, the dirt will act as an insulator and will prevent the coils from being able to release heat. This will eventually lead to a breakdown due to overheating.
  • Dirty air filter – while the air filter is meant to protect your A/C unit, if it is left dirty for too long it become a problem as opposed to a solution. A dirty air filter will interrupt airflow and will lead to overheating of the A/C unit

Commercial Emergency Heating and Cooling Service

Some of the more regularly occurring causes attributed to a breakdown in a commercial heating system are:

  • Thermostat – as a thermostat ages it begins to lose the ability to read the temperature of the room around it
  • Fuses and pressure – if the pressure within the system is disrupted or, a fuse burns out this can lead to a breakdown in the heater’s furnace
  • Blocked pipes – when the pipes of your heating system are not regularly checked and build up with debris, the flow of warm air can be disrupted causing the heating system to run non-stop and eventually burn out

Regardless of what is causing your heating or cooling emergency, you can trust that the professionals at R. Poust, Inc. will help! With more than 45 years of experience, training, and skill our team can expertly identify and repair the issue, with minimal disruption to your home or business. Our motto is, “Business Build on Quality” and we live that with each interaction we have with our customers.

Call us any time you have a heating or cooling emergency: 973-579-1202.

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