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Water Treatment
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Water Treatment & Filtration in Rockaway

Here at R. Poust, we are committed to your family’s health and well-being. Providing your family with safe, healthy drinking water is just one step you can take, but it is an important one. We offer whole-home water treatment and water filtration services for Rockaway area homes, as well as scheduled maintenance and repairs. No matter what your needs, our goal is to help provide continued access to the highest-quality water possible.

Why Should You Consider a Water Treatment System?
In the United States, we are generally fortunate to experience regular access to safe water mostly free of contaminants. However, water quality can vary depending on location, and the possibility exists that contaminants or bacteria may be released into the system on purpose or by accident. If your area experiences declining water quality rates, an in-home water treatment system provides an essential safeguard against contaminants, bacteria, and chemicals.

Even if your municipal water continues to meet standards, it is important to be aware that certain levels of chlorine and fluoride are considered acceptable. This is because these chemicals are used to treat your water for other contaminants as well as to provide specific mineral benefits. However, many families wish to lessen their chemical consumption. In-home treatment systems from R. Poust can help you remove excess chemicals.

Water treatment systems have the added benefit of positively affecting your wallet, as well as the environment. If you are able to refill reusable water bottles with safe, good-tasting water from home, you stand to reduce your plastic impact on the environment as well as save money on pre-packaged water. Softened, clean water from a water treatment system is also easier on your appliances, reducing your need for costly repairs and excess wear and tear.

Water Filtration Systems
Some of our customers prefer whole-home water filtration systems. These filtration systems work much like the on-tap water filtration systems, but on a much larger scale. A robust filtration system from R. Poust can provide some of the same benefits as a treatment system, allowing your family access to safe, clean drinking water.

No matter what your water treatment or filtration needs, R. Poust, Inc. has a service for you. We can install a new system, repair a deteriorating system, or replace an outdated system. Give us a call with your questions or to schedule an appointment.

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