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Emergency HVAC in Sussex / Wantage

Problems with your heating and cooling can leave you feeling confused and stressed. It’s never convenient, usually happening at the height of summer’s heat or when your home is engulfed by winter’s icy embrace. This is especially difficult for those extremely sensitive to extreme temperatures or businesses that can’t afford to close. In these circumstances, you need help from a company you can rely on with a reputation for fine work, honesty, and putting the customer first. You need someone who can respond whenever your problem happens, who will bring the expertise and knowledge to get your system operational again.

For the residents of the Sussex/Wantage area, that company is R. Poust Heating & Cooling. With over 45 years’ experience, our certified professionals have provided heating and cooling support to residents and businesses across the Sussex/Wantage area. Our company has a reputation for being honest, treating our customers right, and getting the job done as soon as possible. When you call the professionals at R. Poust Heating & Cooling, you’ve called the pros.

Residential HVAC Problems

Our experience shows that three common issues cause most residential and commercial HVAC failures.

1. Condenser coils get dirty. Dirt reduces the coils’ ability to release heat, causing the machine to overheat.
2. Air filters get clogged. This critical part prevents dirt and debris from entering the ventilation system and, when dirty, impedes airflow.
3. Loss of refrigerant. An A/C system is a concealed system. Any loss in refrigerant detects a leak in the system somewhere. Sometimes it can be an obvious leak, other times it can be complex to locate. Perhaps it’s in a major component or the copper line set. Running a system that is low in refrigerant can damaging to a system.

Any one of these issues could shut your unit down.

Who to Call for Your HVAC Repair

Whatever your problem, if you are a resident or business owner in the Sussex/Wantage area, the best option for HVAC servicing, repairs, or replacements is R. Poust Heating & Cooling. Our trained technicians will respond 7 days a week to fix whatever problem you face. With over 45 years of dedicated service to the people of Sussex/Wantage, you can trust the company with the experience, training, and a reputation you can take to the bank: R. Poust Heating & Cooling.

We offer free estimates for all new and replacement heating & cooling equipment.