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Well Services
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Well & Well Tank Services Experts

Whether you’ve been considering the freedoms that come with having a water source located on your own land, or need to service your existing well, R. Poust, Inc. offers a host of options to meet your needs. Our team of experts has over 40 years of experience in the Sussex-Wantage area, and you can count on professional service with the superior customer service you’ve come to expect from R. Poust.

Well Tank Services
We offer maintenance and repair of tanks throughout the Sussex-Wantage area. If your tank or pump is over 10 years old, you may want to consider regular maintenance to ensure it continues to perform at peak operating condition. Your well tank is designed to retain pressurized water for use by your home – in this way, it reduces stress on the well pump and prevents excess wear and tear. If your tank begins to deteriorate, the resulting stress on the pump can mean costly repairs or replacement of both tank and pump.

If your tank is in need of replacement, R. Poust’s expert team will work with you to evaluate the water needs of your property. This ensures the tank we install is the correct size, and will continue to service your property for years to come. Our efficient labor and high-quality parts will make sure your well continues to provide your family with drinkable water.

Well Pump Services
R. Poust, Inc. is proud to offer well pump maintenance, replacement, and installation in the Sussex-Wantage area. Dirty water, odd noises, or excessive amounts of air from your faucets indicate the possible need for repairs or replacement. After your pump is back in working order, servicing it regularly with timely maintenance is crucial to maintaining the pump.

Well Water Treatment Services
If you’ve been notified that your well water contains excess amounts of bacteria, treatment is necessary to return your water to safe conditions. The best way to achieve this is by administering a chlorine shock treatment to kill the remaining bacteria. R. Poust, Inc will determine the level of treatment needed, and may be able to fix the problem in as little as one treatment. We stand ready to help provide you with safe, reliable water.

No matter what well-related services you need in the Sussex-Wantage area, R. Poust guarantees expert service, quality parts, and incomparable customer service. Please reach out to us for a consultation or to schedule an appointment.

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