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When we are in our homes we take for granted that the environment we’ve created for our families is clean and healthy. We take time to prepare wholesome meals, make thoughtful decisions about the cleaning products that we use, and are diligent about teaching and practicing proper hygiene and hand washing habits.

However, did you ever stop to think about what hidden dangers could be lurking in the air you are breathing inside of your home? The air inside of your home can actually be quite harmful to the health of you and your family. In fact, studies conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have proven that the air quality inside of your home can be nearly 100 times more polluted than the air inside, this is true even in large cities where the smog and air pollution are heavy.

Thankfully, R. Poust Heating and Cooling has more than 45 years of experience helping the residents of Sparta to improve the air quality of their homes. We support a full line of Aprilaire Whole-Home Air Quality Products, and our expert technicians have the skills and the training to provide you with any information that you need. If you are thinking about doing some home improvements, indoor air quality should be top of the list and the experienced team at R. Poust Heating and Air Conditioning can help!

What is Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is the term used to describe the overall conditions of the air inside of your home. According to the American Lung Association, if your indoor air quality is poor, you and members of your family might experience symptoms like headaches, nasal congestion, fatigue, dry eyes, and nausea. It can even lead to respiratory infections and disease, such as asthma.

aprilaire - indoor airIndoor air quality is impacted by humidity, temperature, air freshness, and air purity. At R. Poust Heating and Air Conditioning we carry Aprilaire Whole-Home indoor air quality products, which will work in conjunction with your current HVAC system to regulate and maintain all of the conditions that will impact your indoor air quality.

Having a whole-home system installed as opposed to a portable indoor unit will provide you with more efficient and thorough indoor air quality support. A portable unit is much smaller and will only improve the air that in the immediate vicinity of the unit. However, if you walk away from that area, you will be breathing air that is contaminated. Whole-Home systems from Aprilaire provide improved air quality for your entire house, ensuring that you and your family are breathing clean air no matter what part of the house you’re in.

Some of the Aprilaire products that R. Poust Heating and Air Conditioning provide installation, maintenance, and repair service for include:

  • Whole-Home Air Purifiers: Using an Event-Based Air Cleaning system, these purifiers clean the air in your entire home.
  • Whole-Home Humidifiers: Provide and maintain the perfect amount of moisture into the air in your home to prevent the negative effects of dry air
  • Whole-Home Dehumidifiers: Add and remove the exact amount of humidity from the air in your home to prevent mold, mildew, fungi, and other problems caused by excessive moisture
  • Whole-Home Ventilation Systems: Cycle and clean air inside of your home to remove polluted air and replace it with air that is clean
  • Zoned Temperature Control Systems: Segments your home into zones and maintains the ideal temperature for each zone
  • Thermostats and Controllers: Options like non-programmable, programmable, and specialty controllers and thermostats will control the dealing and cooling through your entire home.


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