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Emergency HVAC Service in Sparta

Dealing with a heating or cooling emergency can cause feelings of hopelessness and stress. Regardless if your A/C stops working in the heat of the summer, or your heater has broken down in the dead of winter, the situation can go from bad to worse very quickly and you need help from someone you can trust. If the outage is in your home, you may have elderly parents or young children in the home who are extremely sensitive to temperatures. If the outage is in your workplace, you might be facing the need to shut down business until the situation is repaired, causing a significant loss of profit.

Luckily, the heating and cooling experts at R. Poust have been proudly providing emergency heating and cooling support to the residents and business owners of Sparta for over 35 years. In that time, we have earned a strong reputation for reliability and honesty. Our clients trust that when we say we are available to help with any heating or cooling emergency ~ that we mean it and we will deliver!

Residential Emergency Heating and Cooling Service

These days, families are busy with activities and functions all year around. There is always some type of event or, commitment to be responsible for. Whether it is a work function, out of town guests, or a school event, today’s family has several commitments every day.

Unfortunately, a break down in your home’s cooling or heating system can cause significant disruption and stress. Everything from your A/C going out during the middle of a hot night in August, or, losing heating on a freezing afternoon in December will contribute to a negative impact on your family’s ability to participate in the activities they have committed to.

There are three common reasons that the A/C in your home might stop working:

  • Dirty Condenser Coils – the condenser coils in your A/C run through the outside casing of your unit and are filled with refrigerant. When these coils get covered in dirt, the dirt acts as insulation and prevents the coils from releasing heat. This disrupts the temperature balance of your A/C unit and can cause your A/C to overheat.
  • Dirty Air Filter – your A/C’s air filter is designed to protect the unit from dirt and debris getting trapped inside. However, if the filter is left unchanged and gets too dirty, it becomes a problem rather than a solution by preventing proper airflow, leaving your A/C to work harder than it should and overheat
  • Not Enough Refrigerant – If the level of refrigerant in your A/C is low, the unit will run too hard and overheat

Commercial Emergency Heating and Cooling Service

There are three most sighted reasons for your commercial heating system to breakdown:

  • Fuses and pressure – a disruption in the fuse system or pressure of the airflow can contribute to a breakdown in the furnace
  • Blocked pipes – when pipes are not regularly cleaned, debris can build up and block airflow
  • Thermostat – an old thermostat can lose the ability to read the temperature in the room around it causing the system to continue running and burning out the unit

No matter what the cause of your cooling or heating emergency, the team of experts at R. Poust, Inc. can help! We have the training and the skills to professionally address the issue. In fact, we have been dedicated to serving the emergency cooling and heating needs of the residents and business owners of Sparta for more than 35 years and have earned a strong reputation for honest and reliable service.

Don’t hesitate to call us if you have a cooling or heating emergency: 973-579-1202.


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