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Well Chlorination Experts
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Well Chlorination Services

The moment you find that your water well has tested positive for bacteria is often an unsettling one. You need to remedy this issue (and fast), but you don’t have to panic. We at R. Poust are experienced in the most effective way of cleaning up your water: chlorination service. Though chlorination is a big word with some negative connotations, it is actually very safe. “Shocking” your well water with a dose of chlorine is the safest, most effective way to clean up your water and ensure that your family is consuming water that is healthy and bacteria-free.

This shocking process will not cause the well water to taste like chlorine. It will be put through a similar process to city water until the bacteria is no longer present. Well water has a reputation for tasting better than city water. Maybe that’s why you love your well! However, with bacterial contamination, the water no longer tastes great. Even if a poor flavor or odor is not yet present, the water may not be 100% safe. Out of all the amenities in your home, safe, clean drinking water is of paramount importance.

You may be asking a few questions. How long will this process take? When will my water be safe to drink again? Well, the most transparent answer we can supply is this: homes and wells vary. Some wells only need to be shocked once, while others need multiple chlorination processes. Particularly when there is a high presence of iron due to an older well or minerals in the environment, a well may need multiple rounds of chlorination. We will walk you through every step of the process, giving you the proper resources to safely use your water.

If your family is experiencing bacteria in your property’s well water, or if you aren’t sure of your water’s quality – contact us at R. Poust. We will be happy to provide you with testing resources. We are ready to set up your appointment to have your well chlorinated, so that your water is clean, and you can be free of worry.


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