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Stress Less with an Annual Maintenance Plan

Stress Less with an Annual Maintenance Plan

An annual maintenance plan for your home can help you rest easy knowing that your air conditioner is going to have an inspection once a year covering all the testing your air conditioner needs to make sure that it works well.  With an R. Poust, Inc. maintenance plan, you choose the type of plan you want based on the seasons.  You can get a plan for cooling, heating, or year-round for both.   This gives you two inspections a year to make sure all the parts for your heat pump or other heating and cooling sources are in good condition.

Not only can  you have peace of mind that your heating and cooling system are fine for the whole year (unless something unexpected happens), you can also rest easy that if you do need service you will be used to working with our company and maybe even the technician that visits you to service the heat pump or air conditioner.

If you have regular maintenance check-ups on your air conditioner, you don’t have to worry as much about the system leaking, to stop altogether, not cooling properly, and cycling constantly.  Wave goodbye to all those worries that your A/C won’t get you through another year.  If that is the case, our technician will let you know why your air conditioner is going out and give you some options.  This is because of old age and the fact that it is more expensive to run an older air conditioner than to run a newer air conditioner.

If you notice a problem prior to your inspection date, let us know right away so that we can come to fix it.  Letting things go when it comes to your air conditioner, is never healthy.  It is best to get problems serviced right away so that it doesn’t grow into something that’s much more costly.

If you are considering a maintenance plan for your home, contact R. Poust Inc. in Sparta Township, NJ, to discuss your options for seasonal or annual maintenance.

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