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The Importance of Home Humidifiers

The Importance of Home Humidifiers

With summer in full swing, we have begun to experience the increasingly hot temperatures that may force us to retreat inside for some relief. While it’s important to have good air conditioning to escape the heat, it’s equally important to have a humidifier at home to maintain balanced moisture levels. Either too much or too little moisture can lead to potentially serious problems for both the home and its residents.

What Does a Home Humidifier Do?

In short, humidifiers work to keep a balance of moisture levels in a house. If moisture levels are too low, you could start to see the splitting or cracking of floors, trim, or molding as well as paint chipping. You might also experience physical symptoms such as a nosebleed, dry skin, or a sore throat. Existing respiratory and skin conditions may also be made worse by overly dry conditions.

Houses that have too much moisture can be breeding grounds for infectious diseases and illnesses. Where bacteria thrive, so do insects. Cockroaches and other bugs are attracted to damp conditions. Mold and other bacterial growths are also common, as well as wood rot, which can severely weaken a house’s structural integrity over time.

How Do I Know If I Need One?

A good place to start is to get a test to see the average moisture level of your home. From there, you can start to form an idea of what you need to do. The EPA recommends that you keep the moisture levels within your home anywhere from 30-50%, and they do suggest the use of humidifiers to help keep moisture at this level.

Don’t let yourself be uncomfortable, or even unsafe, within your own home. Contact the experts at R. Poust Inc., who can help you get your moisture levels dealt with quickly.


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