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The Importance of Home Water Heaters

The Importance of Home Water Heaters

The average home water heater can last up to 20 years of use before it begins to seriously wear down. Deteriorating water heaters are capable of being much more dangerous than running out of hot water in the middle of your shower. Freezing pipes, unchecked moisture, and even explosions may occur with a worn-out water heater. This could mean thousands of dollars in damage done because your water heater had not been inspected by a professional in the appropriate time frame.

When Does My Water Heater Need Maintenance?

There are many signs that could be present when your water heater or furnace needs an inspection. By being able to identify these signs, you may be able to save yourself thousands in repairs by getting your water heater inspected before it’s too late. The first sign that something may be wrong is the obvious lack of hot water. Every part of your water heater’s construction needs to be working flawlessly for it to work correctly. Checking whether your pilot light is lit is an easy way to inspect your heater on your own. If the pilot light is refusing to stay lit, the next step is to make a call for an inspection.

Trust R. Poust, Inc. for All of Your Water Heater Needs

Sounds coming from your water heater, no hot water, and the main flame refusing to stay lit are all signs that you must get your water heater checked. These signs are all significant and time sensitive to the safety of yourself and your loved ones at home. Being able to contact a professional to service your water heater successfully and safely is imperative to any homeowner.

To avoid damaging your water heater or causing other issues, it’s best to get it serviced by trained professionals. Contact R. Poust, Inc. today!



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