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Understanding Water Temperature

Understanding Water Temperature

We depend on the correct water temperatures for many things, from taking a relaxing shower to filling a glass of water. While we all know that the dials and handles on the bathtub or the sink control the water temperature, it may not be as clear how these things work and why they don’t always work how we want them to.

Cold Water

Cold water and hot water run on separate pipelines. Cold water is the water that is never taken to the water heater, which keeps it chilled. This is also why cold water is more common and easy to access than hot water, as it doesn’t rely on extra appliances to stay cold.

Hot Water

After diverging from the main pipe, hot water is heated up by your water heater. The water heater also plays an important role in regulating how hot the water gets — if it gets too hot, it can be scalding to touch and damage the pipes. Hot water will only be released if you request it, with cold water acting as the default and often coming on first.

Why It Matters

Water temperature is more important than you may think. It doesn’t just exist to make us comfortable. It’s also a matter of health and safety. For example, water at a certain temperature can cause burns, warp pipes, and become a breeding ground for bacteria. Hot water is also important if you live where pipes can freeze. With hot water flowing through the pipes, the water is less likely to turn to ice in the pipes.

Why the Temperature Fluctuates

If you’re having fluctuating water temperatures, it can be caused by a few things. A malfunctioning water heater can make getting hot water for long periods difficult. The same is true if the hot water pipe is clogged or if the local water provider is having trouble.

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