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Ways to Increase the Efficiency of Your A/C Unit

Ways to Increase the Efficiency of Your A/C Unit

As summer comes into full swing, the temperatures outside will increase to the highest of the year. People across the United States will be turning on their A/C units and leaving them on for extended periods to keep their homes at a comfortable temperature. However, many homeowners don’t realize that there are better ways to keep their homes cool without driving up the energy bill.

Have Your Ducts Tested and Sealed

Sealing your A/C unit ducts can save you up to $300 on your energy bill at the end of the year. Having your unit ducts sealed keeps the cooling pathways closed to maximize the cool air that lowers the temperature in your home.

If you want to seal the ducts yourself, remember to use metal and plastic bands, sheet metal screws, or mastics. You should never use duct tape for sealing the heating and cooling ducts for your A/C unit. Duct tape cannot hold as well as the materials that are designed to keep these kinds of ducts shut. You can also have a professional come in and seal these ducts if you want to be completely sure it is done properly.

Turn Off the Air

When you are out of the house, turn the A/C off to make sure you are not wasting energy while you are not even present to experience the cool air. A home can be quickly cooled down by most A/C units, and having it run while you’re out can drive up your energy bill costs considerably.

If you want to make sure your home is at your desired temperature as soon as you get home, consider purchasing a smart thermostat. These can be accessed from your smartphone and can be set so that it will be the right temperature when you get back home.

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