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Your Holiday Heater Game Plan – R. Poust Heating & Cooling

Your Holiday Heater Game Plan – R. Poust Heating & Cooling

Heating Maintenance

Oh No! The Holidays Are Here! Are You Ready? Is Your Heater?

Heating Maintenance

So, you’ve been going crazy getting ready for the holiday season, but you might not have remembered one of the most important areas you should get ready for the heater in your home. You want to ensure that your family and friends are comfortable when they spend the holidays with you. Plus, the holidays can be expensive, so saving some money by making sure your heater runs effectively and efficiently can’t hurt! Here is a checklist for your holiday heater game plan.

  • Air Filter – changing your air filter is probably the easiest task you can do for your heater and one of the most important. It helps your unit better filter the air in your home to provide cleaner air along with helping your unit to run more efficiently and effectively. Change the filter at the beginning of the heating season and checked once a month and change after three months of use no matter how it looks. Installing the correct filter size and type is critical. Additionally, this can be a be a good time to replace any electronic air cleaners in the home, as well.
  • Test Your Unit – testing your unit is a good idea. At this point, most people have had their heater on thanks to our weather, but you may want to turn it on and pay attention. Often, your heater runs and you don’t notice any details about how it is working unless something is apparently obviously wrong. Turn your furnace on and listen for any weird sounds. Has that initial smell gone away? Don’t forget your vents. Check to see if the heat is being forcefully pushed through all vents.
  • Vents – as you are checking to see if the heat is being pushed out, it can be helpful to verify that your home layout isn’t a problem. Blocked supply vents or return registers may cause hot or cold spots in your home. Your vents should not be blocked to allow the air to get into a room. Blocked supply vents or return registers may cause hot or cold spots in your home.
  • Gas Leaks – if you have a natural gas heater, it can be significant to make sure your family is not at risk. Check your heater’s connections for any wear or damage. Stay aware of natural gas oil odors. Call a professional if you notice a bad smell or any problems with the heater energy connections.
  • Yearly Checkup – scheduling a yearly check-up is a good idea. Your professional technician from R. Poust Heating & Cooling can inspect, provide preventative maintenance and perform any necessary repairs on problems they find during the tune-up. The beautiful thing about a yearly check-up is that small issues can be found before they become significant problems.

Yes, you are probably stressing over whether your Uncle Freddy is going to get a little tipsy with the wine and create some disturbing memories or your holiday meal gets ruined because your family dog steals the turkey off the table. However, you won’t have to worry about whether your home will be warm.

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